Industrial Design Graduate 2020



This black paper lamp was my first ever prototyping project as an industrial design student. 

The goal; to become familiar working with an olfa knife.

This project remains one of my very favorite. My personal approach was to design shades which would project a unique design on the walls, it was hard to truly predict the outcome, however I fell in love with the result!

Upon making this lamp for a school project, i decided to scale it down enough to be able to use the laser cutter to achieve the small star shapes in the paper.

Finally, i decided to construct the lamp using sheet metal, and the plasma cutter to create the shade design. The result is a lightweight, rigid lamp projecting unique hand cut designs on the wall!


The Hand Grip Strengthener

As i researched existing hand grip strengteners, i concluded that often the cause of breakage is due to the spring. The spring also caused discomfort in the users palm when doing consecutive repititions.

Using a high memory plastic such as Delrin I designed a hand grip strengthener with an integrated spring.

One of my great challenges was to design a shape which would provide enough flexion, while still being comfortable for small and large hands to grasp.



This project familiarized me with the process of injection molding. By dismantling a sample, we were able to better understand the construction details.

Through model ideation, I focused on improving the products grip. This became an ergonomics study. I wanted to design a stud finder, not for a typical construction environment, but for the DIYer.

Consequently, I eliminated the screen and extra specs, leaving only the basic elements to simplify the usage.

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