A Hygienic Station

Adapting to a growing infants diaper changing & bathing needs


An Integrative Design

Initially my assignment was to re-design a changing table. Upon my research I found that they are rarely used until an infant is completely potty trained. Some of the reasons for this are the lack of height adjustability and the overall size of the table.

Often parents seek a change table which will esily fit in their nursery without taking much space. Consequently, the infant outgrows it quickly. At 24 months an infant can be up to 34 inches tall. In order to continue to use a changing table, it must be atleast that long.

Upon my research i came across the Baby Diego, a dual purpose diaper changing and bathing station. Although this product offered a solution for two hygienic rituals, it did not provide an ergonomic experience for its users. The table height was sufficient for the average female user, however was much too short for a tall male user. When bathing an infant it is important that the table be at waist level to avoid back or neck pain. Otherwise, these rituals become strenuous tasks.

The storage space in the Baby Diego was also quite limited. When performing hygienic rituals it is essential to have all of the necessary products within arms reach.

I thought this was a great opportunity to design an integrative product which would really improve the performance of these rituals. Upon speaking with parents about diaper changes, I learned that infants are restless and by integrating entertainment this would improve the experience for both users.



Designing an ergonomic and practical  hygienic station for all users


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