A hardworking and passionate industrial design graduate.

My curious nature drives me to understand an objects purpose and manipulate its form to optimize and enhance user experience. My purpose is to understand and empathize with users in order to improve functionality and ergonomics. With over 10 years of experience working in customer service and hospitality, I have developped distinguished communication skills.

My natural empathy makes me an outstanding team player, always ready to make changes to help others. My listening skills drive me to understand aspects of a product from different perspectives. My analytic mind pushes me to optimize the products form and function. I am hardworking, giving my full attention to anything that I am given. As a team player, I believe that we must all do our part and help others to promote success!

With a passion for sustainability and ergonomic design, I am relentlessly adapting to unique situations. Using my knowledge in design and manufacturing to improve the way we live our lives.